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We take pride in bringing to life works of art and the completion of intricate designs. With many jobs under our belt, we have provided a short list of the standard bespoke works we undertake on a daily basis. These are not exhaustive so please contact our Sales Team for assistance with your specific needs.

Sign trays

Sign traysWe offer a bespoke sign tray fabrication service at NE Plastics. Using aluminium composite as our base material, we supply sign trays in either a flat or made up form. Dimensions, cut outs and other specifications of the final project rest on the customer’s decision. Sign trays supplied flat come with v-grooved routed channels, set out by the trays overall size and returns. These fold lines can then be easily manipulated to shape, either on site or at a customer’s place of business. Made up trays are fitted with aluminium angle and bonded together with our Bostik adhesive glue. In order to start fabrication on a sign tray we require the following information:

  • The overall sign tray size
  • The returns dimensions
  • The internal or external dimensions of the panel
  • Whether the face is to be gloss or matt
  • Whether the joins required are along the short or the long edge
  • Whether a fish plate is required (for made up trays, whether it is to be supplied attached or not)

Illuminated sign tray

Illuminated Sign TrayAn illuminated sign tray comprises of two trays that fit together as one. LED lights are then installed into a back tray. The front facing tray has a slightly wider set of dimensions in order to fit and overlap the LED installed box. The LED positions are mapped on the back tray, to disperse light in the most effective way possible for the bespoke piece. Acrylic inserts (usually opal 4000) can also be introduced, to back any cut out elements and serve as masks for light distribution.

Pushed through letters

Pushed through lettersWe can create push through letters by milling acrylic on our CNC router. Pushed through letters are commonly fabricated as part of a sign tray. Routed letters are supplied with a rebated shoulder (usually 2 ½mm around) to stop them falling through the display. In order to process a pushed through letter order we require the following information:

  • Whether the letters are front or back pushed through.
  • Are the letters required to be glued to the panel or supplied separately?
  • Are flush or projecting letters required

It is worth nothing that the CNC router automatically creates an internal 3mm radius corner. To provide a professional finish, we will route both the letters and the display to accommodate this.

Display cases and boxes

Display CasesUsually fabricated in either acrylic, Polycarbonate or Viscom EasyPrint, we can supply display cases and boxes to bespoke requirements. For small boxes we will usually use a 5mm thick substrate, for anything up to 1m cubed. Larger boxes may need anything from a 10-12mm thick material. Display cases and boxes can be either five or six sided and are often also referred to as ‘plinths’. When fabricating a box or display case, we can introduce either a mitre or butt joint based upon job requirements. To help you make an educated decision about which finish is required, we have listed the pros and cons of each below:


Butt Joint

  • Bubble free joints
  • Offers a stronger bond for boxes and plinths improving structural stability, meaning that they are built to last
  • Crystal clear edges can be produced after either a sand, buff or flame finish, joining lines therefore become difficult to see
  • Up to 50mm thick acrylic can be bonded
  • Less fabrication time is usually required making butt jointed jobs cheaper
  • In instances where edges cannot be polished or are left exposed a butt joint produces a less effective finish



Mitre Joint

  • Perfect for coloured materials as no glue line is displayed
  • Mirror plinths and boxes can be made using this process
  • Offers excellent light distribution when display cases or boxes are internally lit
  • Bubbles can appear in the joint depending on the glue and application
  • Excess and overspill with glue can occur
  • Structurally weaker joins (especially when UV glue is applied)
  • More time is required for fabrication
  • Can’t scrape or sand UV bonded edges due to rubbery residue layer

Adhesive suited for plastic bonding is finally applied to seal the edges of the material together. A 24 hour time frame is required for the adhesive to set.

Leaflet holders / Card holders

leaflet-holderAlmost exclusively fabricated from extruded acrylic, leaflet/card holders are perfect for POS and are usually comprised of 2mm or 3mm thick acrylic. To achieve the holders form, the extruded acrylic sheet is line bent to shape with the aid of a jig. If the leaflet/card holder requires multiple components they are fixed into place with adhesive. Find out more


LecternsWe can fabricate lecterns to bespoke needs. Often found in churches, conference halls and public speaking events, lecterns are usually fabricated in acrylic at NE Plastics.

Counters and bars

Counters & BarsCounters and bars can made from acrylic at NE Plastics. A wide range of solid colours suitable for a vivid affect, are available alongside the standard white. Due to complex nature of such a job, we require detailed drawings and measurements in order to quote and fabricate.

Split Battens

Split BattensPart of our hanging bar selection, split battens can be bespoke fabricated out of foam PVC and acrylic. Split battens can be cut to almost any length and are generally 50mm wide, unless specified otherwise by the customer. A bevel or mitre cut is introduced to create the two conjoining parts. One part of the batten is attached to the material of choice and the other to the intended fascia.

To fabricated bespoke work outside of our usual parameters, we require detailed drawings and labelled dimensions as at present we do not design in-house. We prefer computerised drawings in Artcam or CorelDraw. Our creativity is only limited by your imagination.

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