Case Study

Chelsea Flower Show

In 2011 NE Plastics were approached by a renowned designer to fabricate set pieces for the Chelsea Flower Show. The project was comprised of three unique parts; a water tower, water table and bench, each linking together to become part of a much bigger display.

Water Tower

The water tower consisted of two built up levels, with one central support surrounded by 10 adjoining tubes. The bottom level tubes were constructed from 10mm cast acrylic and top in 6mm. Water rested in the tubes around the plinth at varying heights for effect.

Water Table

Sitting atop a bed of water the fabricated table (at over 6m long) was comprised of two fish tanks (each 2m long), with 20mm acrylic interlocking partitions as the base. The frame and fish tanks had to support a large 12mm thick toughened glass panel which sat atop.


Two acrylic benches sat at opposing sides of the table at 4.5 metres long. Each bench was comprised of six evenly sized acrylic boxes.

Our accuracy and delivery timescales had to be spot on for this project due to the intricacy and its magnitude. The public and media exposure meant that the quality and aesthetic appeal was absolutely vital. The project was an overall success and ultimately won gold at the Chelsea Flower Show.