Case Study

Science Museum

At NE Plastics we undertook a project for the Science Museum’s ‘Information Age Gallery’ exhibition. Our brief was to supply two polished acrylic semi-circles to be part of the Broadcast display. Due to the nature of the display it was imperative that the discs were an accurate depiction of the radio receiver they were representing.

As the item was for display, quality was of utmost importance so Perspex Acrylic Opal 069 was chosen.

To replicate the position of the radio receiver components an array of holes were to be lasered into each of the semi-circles, the smallest of which had to be accurate to a 0.6mm diameter. The discs were then polished to display standards.

Due to the timescales for the opening of the gallery a quick and flexible turnaround on budget was imperative.

As this was an important project for the Museum it was key to the success of the project that good communication was maintained throughout the full sales process from quoting to delivery.