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Where can I find more information?

If you call ‘020-8308-9990’ or email ‘‘ the sales team we will help answer any queries you may have.

What are your opening times?

The sales department is open from 08:30-17:30 Monday – Friday. The warehouse is open from 07:00-19:00 Monday- Friday.

Do you open Saturday?

We do not currently open Saturdays, for opening times please refer to ‘What are your opening times?’

Can you deliver on the weekend?

NE Plastics own trucks only operate during week days, however we can organise a courier to collect your order before the weekend and deliver at the weekend but there will be a charge for this. Please call sales to enquire about courier costs.

What do I do if I have a problem with my web account?

Please call our sales office on ‘020-8308-9990’ to sort any web based problems.

What if I need my order today?

In addition to our standard delivery, we can offer a same day courier service at customers cost. Sheet substrates can be potentially cut and delivered the same day depending on volume and availability. Please call to book and enquire about cost.

Can I open a credit account?

To open a credit account please visit our dedicated web page to find the accounts form. The filled in form should be sent to To find out what stage your application is at please contact accounts directly. Selecting option two when dialling ‘020-8308-9990’ will put you through to the relevant department. Click here to register for an account

Where do I email my quote requests or orders into?

For all quote requests and orders please email We do not recommend emailing our sales representatives directly as their inboxes are not monitored during periods of absence such as illness or holidays.

Can I collect my order?

Your order can be collected from our premises in Sidcup once it has been processed. To find out when it is available for collection please call sales on ‘020-8308-9990’.

You can also collect from our distribution centre in Thurrock from 8.30am the next day and from our warehouse in Leeds from 12.00pm the next day.

Do you have a trade counter open to the public?

Yes we have a trade counter which is open to the public Monday to Friday from 08.30 to 17.30pm (excluding bank holidays).

How can I place my order?

You can place your order over the phone, using our web shop or in person on our trade counter.

What kinds of payment do you accept?

We accept various payment methods including BACS, credit/debit cards and cash. We will only take cash at our trade counter. A pro-forma invoice can be sent for BACS payment. Unless you have a credit account we require confirmation of payment before processing of your order can start.

Do prices on the website include VAT?

All prices on the web shop are minus VAT. VAT is allocated at the basket stage.

Do you have a minimum order charge?

Yes, we currently have a £30 minimum order charge

Do you charge for cutting?

We currently do not charge for small cutting requirements. However large orders and multiple panel dimensions will incur a cost. Please contact the sales team for a price.

Can I request a sample?

Yes, for any sample requests please contact the sales department. A small charge maybe incurred depending on your requirement which can be deducted from an order placed.

What are your cutting tolerances?

Cutting tolerances can vary per job, material choice and thickness. We will optimise sheets to get the best yield and include cutting tolerances as part of our calculations. The smallest saw cut needed is 3mm between each panel.

Do you do installations?

We do not offer an installation service but we may be able to offer suggestions as to who to contact.

What is NE Plastics returns policy?

Please follow the link to our returns policy

Can you cut printed material?

Yes we can cut printed material, using either our CNC routers registration mark camera or with our CNC laser’s inbuilt i-Cut software.

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Do you sell Dibond?

We sell several alternative aluminium composite brands to ‘Dibond’ including ‘Alliance’ and ‘Alupanel’.

What is Tripanel?

Tripanel is our generic name for aluminium composite.

Do you sell Correx

We sell a Correx equivalent fluted polypropylene in various finishes.

What if I can't find the product I wanted?

Some items are not available for purchase on the website. Please call or email the sales team on 020-8308-9990 or email ‘‘ to discuss your needs.

Can acrylic be used for glazing?

Yes acrylic can be used as secondary glazing. For more details contact the sales team to advise you on application.

Are the colours for the product items accurate?

We have used both the acrylic and RAL referencing systems. However, the images on the website are a representation of the colours and are therefore not 100% accurate.

Can I cut and drill acrylic myself?

Yes you can but standard tooling from most merchants is not usually suitable. Contact the sales team for any other questions regarding this or see our how to guide. Find out more

What is the difference between PETG & LUMEX G

PETG has been rebranded as LUMEX G by FoamaLite.

What is the difference between APET and Lumex A?

Like PETG, APET has been rebranded to Lumex A by FoamaLite.

Do we supply Twinwall Polycarbonate?

Unfortunately we do not supply Twinwall Polycarbonate at NE Plastics.

What’s the difference between cast and extruded acrylic?

To find out more about the differences between cast and extruded acrylic please follow the attached link.

Does acrylic yellow overtime?

Acrylic should not be confused with other plastics, it has a 10 year outdoor lifecycle. Even when exposed to direct sunlight acrylic will not yellow in this time frame.

What materials are best suited for kitchen and bathroom splashbacks?

Either acrylic or hygienic wall cladding are ideal materials to be used as splashbacks. For further details please consult our dedicated pages or give our sales team a call.

Do you supply glues suitable for adhering splashbacks to a wall or fascia?

We only supply glue that adheres plastic to plastic.

What plastic thickness do you recommend?

Although we usually start at 3mm thick, this may not suit your individual needs and our available stocked materials. We will therefore recommend based on your requirements and our professional knowledge.

What tools can be used to cut and drill acrylic?

The acrylic ‘How to guide’ provides an insight into how to cut and drill acrylic.

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Product Descriptions

What does it mean when UV is used as part of the product description?

UV refers to products that are ultra violet and are guaranteed not to turn yellow in sunlight for a minimum of 3 years.

What does S1 & S2 mean when used in a product description?

S1 & S2 indicates when any effect on the material e.g frost is on one side (S1) or both sided (S2). The frosted effect produces a matt finish.

What is AR?

AR stands for anti-reflective and products with this description are used to display pictures, posters and used to prevent sunlight reflection.

What is DR?

DR stands for damage resistant. Any material with the included specification will display both improved damage and scratch residence.

What is VA grade

A clear VA grade material is used when displaying items that need to be protected from UV sunlight, so they are not damaged.

What metric is 2440x1220, 3050x1220 & 3050x2030 etc. measured in?

We use ‘mm’ to measure the size of all of our stocked materials.

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What CAD (computer aided software) do you use?

We use both CoralDraw and Artcam at NE Plastics.

What type of CAD files do you accept?

We accept the following CAD files at NE Plastics: PDF (embedded); DXF; DWG; AI; EPS

Do you offer mitre or butt joints?

Both butt and mitre joints are offered as standard fabrication services at NE Plastics (please see ‘Display Cases & Boxes’).

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What is a Ral reference?

RAL is the most popular European referencing system used to define standard colour scales.

What is a PA reference?

Pantone Matching System (PMS) is one of the most famous colour referencing scales.

Quote References

  • PAR Polished all round
  • RAD Radius corner (round corner)
  • DAC Drilled all corners (panel will be drilled in each corner)
  • 3HELE Holes along each long edge (panel is drilled equally spaced in six different points)
  • 4HELE Holes along each long edge (panel is drilled equally spaced in eight different points)
  • HESE Holes each short edge (the opposite to HELE)
  • OD Outside diameter (often used to describe the outside diameter of tube)
  • ID Inside diameter (often used to describe the inside diameter of tube)
  • SD Stock due
  • NOM Nominal (used to describe when the saw cut will affect the yield of panels from a sheet)
  • C Centre (the position a drilled hole will be from the edge of a panel)
  • H Hole
  • FS Full sheet (no cutting will be done to the marked sheet)
  • FOC Free of charge (no cost will be allocated)
  • O/C Off cut (the remaining area of a sheet after cutting)