Our Services

Shaping plastic the way you need it!

The internal flexibility and range of our services,
allows us to tailor jobs to your bespoke needs.

From a standard straight cut to more intricate shaped cutting or drilling,
NE Plastics can meet both individual and large organisation needs.

Plastic Fabrication Services

The necessity to look further afield is minimised, with our in-house extended plastic fabrication services: line bending; RAD corners; rebating; deburring and scraping; v-grooving; chamfer and bevel.

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Straight lines, shapes and cutting

As part of our standard service we offer straight cutting at NE Plastics. With the aid of our CNC router and laser we can also cut to shape upon request.

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Plastic laser cutting and engraving

Lasering produces a smooth polished affect naturally when cutting. The optical clarity of the substrate edge is subsequently improved as ambient light can then filter through it. This makes lasering perfect for intricate artistic displays and signage, where a professional finish is required.

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Like polishing all drilling requirements are processed in-house at NE Plastics. We can drill holes into virtually all of our held substrates: Perspex®acrylic; Polycarbonate; Foam PVC; Aluminium Composite. For jobs without a CAD file we will need both the hole size and the centre (dimension from the edge of the panel to the centre of the hole) we are drilling to.

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Plastic Polishing

To take your panels to the next level and provide you with the edge finish you desire, we can offer the following polishing options.

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Bespoke flat sheet

For customers needing a specific size, colour or even make, there are a wide range of flat sheet plastic options we can offer you.

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