Chamfer & Bevel

Chamfer & Bevel

‘Chamfer’ and ‘Bevel’ are terms that are often interchanged, however when used as a technical term they are differentiated as follows:

ChamferChamfer – Cutting the material at an angle and thus creating a slope (usually at a 45º angle).




bevel-150Bevel – Cutting away the edge of a material for safety purposes, aesthetics or to resist wear. Bevel is often interchanged with the word chamfer, as the material is also cut at an angle. Our standardised angles are: 30º; 45º and 60º. However upon customer request we can cut to more bespoke angles



mitre-joint-150Mitre – A mitre joint is created by joining two parts together at a 45º angle to form a 90 º angle. Display cases and boxes can be fabricated using a mitre joint.

We offer chamfering & bevelling on a range of our products.

Various types of materials can be chamfered and bevelled including, acrylic, foam PVC, PETG and ACP.

Boxes and plinths can be achieved through the use of this process, as well as more complex 3D objects, by bevelling to different angle gradients.

To get a great finish on any work left exposed to the eye, flame polishing is the answer provided it is compatible with the material.