Plastic laser cutting and engraving

Plastic laser cutting and engraving

Our Trotec laser is ideal for effortlessly cutting and engraving intricate designs in small and large quantities.

Laser cutting produces a smooth polished edge as standard, providing excellent optical clarity.  This makes laser cutting perfect for intricate artistic displays and signage, where a professional finish is required.

With our i-Cut software we can cut material using registration mark detection, which is ideal for pre-printed materials. Any distortions in the printed graphics are recognised with the intelligent camera, whereby the software adjusts the cutting path accordingly ensuring a perfectly cut product.

The laser can etch patterns and designs into acrylic. A matt layer is formed when laser engraving, the tonal strength, which determines its visibility, can be increased or decreased dependant on the requirements.

Although highly suited for complex designs and shapes the laser can be used to great effect to cut and engrave more personalised items such as, award displays, house number plaques, personalised lettering, coasters and wedding favours.

Pre-programmed CAD files are required for the majority of laser jobs. We require importable files suitable for either CorelDraw or Artcam.

What can our laser do for you?

  • Cut intricate shapes and letters
  • Cut acrylic panels up to 25mm thick with a polished finish
  • Produce detailed laser engraved signs and displays
  • Cut to a size of 1500mm x 1250mm
  • Improve yield and reduce wastage
  • Cut printed material to shape using i-Cut technology

Materials suitable for laser processing include:

  • Cast acrylic
  • Extruded acrylic
  • Lumex G (PETG)  and Lumex A (APET)  up to 2mm
  • Polyester
  • Polystyrene
  • Polycarbonate
  • ABS