Plastic Polishing

Plastic Polishing

To take your panels to the next level and provide you with the edge finish you desire, we can offer the following polishing options:


For panels under the dimension of 1500×1250 we can offer a laser cutting and polishing service. We can polish both acrylic and PETG to shape with the aid of CAD files. Laser cutting is the best way to achieve polished holes, RAD (round corners) and avoid internal radiuses on a panel.


Flame polishing is a service offered by our skilled fabrication department. For hard to reach edges and intricate shapes this type of polishing is ideal when a laser finish isn’t acceptable or for items not cut utilising the laser. The result is a glass like transparent professional finish on acrylic which is ideal for display items. However, it is important to note that flame polishing is not possible in tandem with some printing & mounting processes, so please discuss your requirements with us first.


Our diamond polisher can buff acrylic, producing a clear as glass finish by removing any marks made by initially cutting a material. For an expert finish, diamond polishing is highly advised. It also offers the ability to be applied in tandem with almost all printing & mounting processes.
We are able to offer a Satin finish on the edge if required by using a specific diamond head. So if you require a matt or satin edge please contact us to discuss.

Due to the technology used to achieve this finish, diamond edge polishing is only suitable for straight edged shapes.

Buffed Edge Finish

Buffing is often used to obtain a high quality finish even after machine polishing.
It is especially beneficial for products of a greater thickness and those highly visible to the audience at close range. Buffing gives a high gloss finish whilst removing any final impurities caused through the production process.

The types of materials suitable for polishing are as follows:

  • Acrylic