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Aside from our standard stocked substrates we have a range of ancillary goods available including: mounting accessories, glues; tapes, packaging, hinges and anti-static spray.

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Mounting Accessories

For fixing signage to a fascia we can supply a range of mounting accessories.

Velcro tape, alternatively known as ‘hook and loop’, has adhesive backing which can be fixed to either materials or fascia. Tape is sold as either “hook” or “loop” so please ensure both are purchased if requiring the whole solution.

Velcro can be easily removed so is a very flexible solution.


Hanging Bars
Z-bars can be employed to hang and mount heavy weight materials flush to a fascia ensuring stability and security. Tight profiles can be achieved with relative ease due to the small thickness of z-bars.

Alternatively we can manufacture “split battens” in a variety of materials such as acrylic and foam PVC. Please visit our bespoke fabrication page.



For fixing acrylic fret cut letters to a display panel or fascia, locators are the perfect mounting solution. The male and female counterparts of a locator, interlock with one another to support the fixing and strengthen it. They provide an economical solution and are available in a variety of different sizes including small, medium and large to suit various projects. Locators are sold in pack sizes of 250 sets (including both male & female ends).


Stand OffStand Offs
For panels with drilled holes to suit, stand offs can be used to mount substrates to a fascia. Stand offs produce a professional finish for signage and POS needs. Available in chrome, satin and various colours including red, gold, green, and blue. Stand offs are measured in both their length (distance the panel will be separated from a wall) and their overall diameter (this in turn affects the required hole size). More specialised stand offs can be acquired upon request, which incorporate either LEDs, tension cables or ceiling cable systems.

Glues & Tapes

At NE Plastics we can supply glues and tapes with excellent adhesion levels, suitable for application with our stocked materials.

For high tack tapes we supply clear VHB in both 10mm and 20mm widths which are ideal for bonding transparent materials. A clean dry surface is essential when using tape.

Bostik glues suitable for adhering our substrates together are available upon request. Visit each of our product pages to find out suitable glues and adhesion levels upon application or phone our sales team for more information.


Packaging materials used in-house at NE Plastics are available to purchase alongside our regular product range. Our packaging consumables are ideal for safeguarding goods.

Shrink Wrap & Protective Corners
Protective CornersFor additional packaging support, we can supply shrink wrap and protective corners. Protective corners reduce any potential edge damage in transportation and are available in 10-40mm and 40-70mm corner dimensions. For wrapping products and goods our ‘megastretch’ ideal for pallet wrapping and ‘miniwrap’ are the answer

Cardboard Sheets & Boxes
Both large (3050 x 2050mm) and small (2440 x 1220mm) corrugated ‘B’ flute cardboard sheets are purchasable at NE Plastics.

Bubble Wrap
Bubble wrap serves as a standard protection for delivering goods and can be bought in either a small (1800mm x 100m) or large (1500mm x 50m) roll size.

Hinges & Anti-static Spray

Acrylic hinges can be used as a joint in the application of doors, lids or boxes fabricated from cast or extruded acrylic. A standard (45mm) or piano (300mm) size is available. Acrylic hinges have a raised channel to aid adhesion to the joining panel.

Anti-static Spray
To remove static from our substrates we recommend the application of our anti-stat spray. Anti-stat can also be used to remove dust and any built up swarf aesthetically affecting a panel. Where a material has a high-tac PE film anti-stat spray can be introduced to reduce any possible printing problems.

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