Acrylic Rod and Tube

Acrylic rod and tube can be manufactured in either cast or extruded. Tube is sold by wall thickness and external diameter.  Different finishes are available in both tube and rod including coloured (solid and tints), clear, opal and frosted. Both materials are usually sold in 2m lengths and can be cut down to smaller lengths if needed.

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How to calculate the thickness required

The wall thickness of tube is determined by the OD (outside diameter) and ID (inside diameter). To work out the wall thickness of acrylic tube use (OD – ID) ÷ 2.


Rod and tube can be used in numerous applications including podium displays, as spacers, art installations, lighting (threading LED lights through tube) and engineering.


  • Rigid and strong
  • Shatter free alternative to glass
  • Numerous applications


Light Transmission

Clear cast acrylic tube and rod offer excellent optical clarity. Extruded acrylic can sometimes have a cloudier finish and is therefore more suited to applications where the optical finish is not as important.


Depending on the diameter of tube and rod, simple cutting equipment can be used however thicker grades may require more industrial machinery to provide a clean finishes. It is recommended to clamp down the material before cutting.

  • Hack saw (applicable for thin grades only & doesn’t provide the best finish)
  • Bench saw
  • Chop saw or circular saw

Extruded acrylic rod requires more specialist care when machining to prevent it taking on stress.


Extruded rod has a class 4 fire rating and cast rod a class 3 under the UK fire classification.


Holes can be drilled into rod and tube without the material splitting. Even thin grades can have small holes drilled, these are then suitable for threading tapex or hanging wires through. Light installations can be inserted into slightly larger grades.


Depending on whether the tube or rod is extruded or cast, there are numerous glues that can be applied. ‘Evo-Stik Extru-Fix’ Bostik can be used for both cast and extruded acrylic.


If we are not delivering on our own vehicles, we will cut rod and tube down to adhere to courier parameters. Large lengths of either rod or tube can be damaged and potentially broken easier without the appropriate care and attention.

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