Aluminium Composite

why use this product?


Strong, lightweight and reliable, aluminium composite is perfect for applications indoors and outdoors as either cladding or hoarding; sign tray fabrication; POS/POP display; exhibition stands; industrial applications or photo mounting. The material can also be drilled, CNC cut and v-grooved to shape. It can be used by sign makers who wish to print to it directly or cover in vinyl.


  • Flat smooth surface ideal for printing
  • Ability to be fabricated if a 0.21 skin and above
  • Excellent rigidity to weight ratio
  • Durable
  • Suitable for indoor & outdoor application
  • Multiple printing applications, digital, laminating/photo mounting
  • Cladding application both internal and external
  • Dimensionally stable. Does not expand or contract with extreme temperature change



A range of standard colours are available across the ‘Alliance’ range including, White (RAL 9016); Blue (RAL 5002); Blue (RAL 5022); Red (RAL 3020); Green (RAL 6024); Green (RAL 6005); Yellow (RAL 1023); Ivory (RAL 1015); Black (RAL 9005); Silver (RAL 9006); Silver Mirror; Brushed Gold; Brushed Silver.


For use indoor or outdoor aluminium composite has strong weathering properties.


Tools for cutting aluminium composite include:

  • Wall saw
  • Beam saw
  • Circular saw
  • Fret saw
  • CNC router
  • Guillotine shears

Brushed aluminium requires extra attention when cutting. For aesthetic consistency the long or short grain should be chosen before cutting.

Aluminium Skin Thickness

The aluminium skin thickness ranges from 0.15mm to 0.3mm.


ACP with a 0.15 skin is only applicable for hoarding or cladding and is therefore not suitable for fabrication. Hoarding grade ACP commonly has a matt white face on one side and either a grey primer or mill (metallic face) on the other.


From 0.21 and above you can fold or bend ACP by utilising appropriate machines. By v-grooving aluminium composite and creating folding channels, trays can be fabricated for signage. Sign trays can be supplied either flat or built up based on customer needs. Please phone our sales team for assistance.

Chemical Resistance

Aluminium composite has a good resistance to everyday acid’s, alkali’s, oil’s and solvents. Acid Resistance Immersed surface in 2% HC1 FOR 24Hrs without change Alkali Resistance   Immersed surface in 2% NaOH for 24Hrs without change Solvent Resistance     Cleaned 100 times with Dimethylbenzene without change


Drilling – For large scale holes use a drill bit with a locating point Screwing – Everyday stainless steel screws Welding – The PE-core requires the application of a hot welding tool and polyethylene welding rod Riveting – Pop or blind rivets can be used


With our standard stocked Bostik glues we can apply adhesives in-house or supply as an addition to the material. Lap and face joints are achievable with the excellent bonding properties of ‘Simpson ISR 70-03 and Prep M’.  ‘Evo-Stik’ is also moderately effective with aluminium composite. Double-sided adhesive tapes can also be used in conjunction with aluminium composite. Metal adhesives have no adhesion to the core edges. Printing/Lamination Suitable for screen printing, digital printing, vinyl application, laminating /photo mounting and lacquering

Fixing/Wall Mounting

Like other substrates a range of fixings can be used to hang or fix to a fascia:

  • Stand Offs
  • Hanging wire
  • Sign frames


Our ‘Alliance’ is fully recyclable, both the core and aluminium liner can be re-melted for manufacturing new material by specialist contractors.

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