Fluted Polypropylene

Axprint polypropylene

Axprint Polypropylene

Vita Sheet Group (manufacturers of Axprint) are based in France and manufacture a wide range of Polypropylene sheets. . We keep three standard sheets in stock,  White, Black and Glass Clear.

The mill in France keep stocks of a more varied range which can be shipped over to the U.K. in approximately 4 working days, please ask about this stock service if the particular sheet you require is not in our standard range.

Polypropylene is a thermoplastic polymer and the sheets are made by polypropylene extrusion and embossing. Can be used for binders, files and folders, covers for diaries and files, packaging and cases, table mats, labels, displays, posters etc. Glass Clear can also be used for mop trays and fsdu bases which are our main markets for this item.

Axprint Colour

Axprint Glass Clear


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    POLWA-0800-0720-1020 AXPRINT WHITE POLYPROPYLENE G02 1155 0750MIC 720 X 1020 0720 1020

why use this product?


Correx equivalent sheet is used for POS and display, temporary signage (estate agent boards etc.) and cladding. Due to its economic cost thinner grade Correx equivalent sheet can be used as floor protection sheet or for packaging.


  • Light weight
  • Low cost
  • Good flexibility
  • Moisture resistance
  • Chemical resistance
  • Corona treated for printing purposes
  • Sheets approved for food contact can be supplied
  • Fibre free



Our Correx equivalent sheet performs equally well in either indoor or outdoor application. With waterproof properties and excellent durability the substrate is perfectly suited for outside use


  • Sharp cutting knife (with relative ease)
  • Die cut
  • Wall saw


Our Corona treated board is suitable for silk screen and digital printing.


Our stocked sheet is 100% recyclable making them an environmentally friendly solution.

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