Crylux Acrylic Variants


An alternative to glass, Crylux™ clear cast acrylic offers unrivaled clarity and light transmission. Suitable for outdoor exposure up to 10 years, Crylux™ can transmit up to 93% visible light. The edges of clear acrylic can also be polished to offer crystal clear clarity, making it the go to product for, POS, signage, display and glass replication.

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Opal acrylic’s main strength is its ability to diffuse light. Traditionally found in the application of sign trays and signage, lighting equipment can be used to illuminate opal Crylux™.  Light transmissions vary depending on the thickness and grade of material, ranging from as high as 71% to as low as 3%. Crylux™ opal 3014 is considered the standard solid white and Crylux™ opal 4000 the industry lightbox grade.

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Solid and Translucent Colours

A whole range of solid Crylux™ colours come as standard. These are ideal for splashbacks, POS display and fabricated units.  Nearly any colour can be matched and special orders are possible dependant on quantity required.

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