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  • FoamaLite x-press offers a cost effective starting base with a good quality end result. Suitable for flat-bed printing a professional finish is easily achievable
  • FoamaLite premium is a higher density sheet which offers good dimensional stability, enabling it to be formed three dimensionally
  • For eco-friendly jobs FoamaLite plus is the answer, each sheet comprising of 80% recycled material.
  • FoamaLite color includes dark blue, dark yellow, green, grey, light blue, light yellow, orange, red and black.

For more specialist applications we can offer Palight 2001 and Vekaplan S.

Palight 2001 gloss foam is available in both a white and black finish. With one side gloss and the other matt, Palight 2001 is suitable for vinyl lamination and printing.

Made though the Celuka process our Vekaplan S is a rigid gloss foam PVC sheet, with inbuilt moisture resistance, which offers excellent soundproofing and thermal insulation


Foam PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) is a versatile light weight material, useful for wall cladding, signage and display, which is suitable for printing with any flat-bed UV curable printer.

FoamaLite has a smooth surface with a rigid outer layer and inner core. The stability and rigidity of the foam board allows for interior and exterior use. Application includes, temporary signage, lettering, model builds, exhibition stands, decorative wall cladding and photo mounting.

Palight 2001 gloss foam can be used for signage, exhibition graphics, wall cladding and POP display.

Vekaplan S
Vekaplan S sheets can be used for signage, exhibitions and shop fitting, however due to its properties it is often used for the interiors of ambulances, caravans and “clean rooms”.


  • Rigid
  • Lightweight
  • Cost effective
  • Excellent printability
  • Wide range of thicknesses and sheet sizes
  • Vekaplan is impact, moisture and swell resistant.



Foam PVC will discolour under extensive UV projection but is suitable for short term exposure outside (darker colours will discolour faster).


3mm or under thick foam PVC can be cut using a Stanley knife. For thicker sheets though, standard cutting equipment is required including band, wall, beam and jigsaws.

Foam PVC can be CNC routed to create intricate designs and shapes.  Radius corners, chamfering and bevelling can also be achieved through this process. However the material cannot be laser cut as it produces harmful gases.


FoamaLite foam PVC is rated under the new European regulation EN 13501-1 as class C, s3, d0. This means the sheet is moderately inflammable, with no limitation on smoke production required and no droplets allowed.

Palight 2001
Our gloss foam Palight2001 has a class B, s1, d0 classification under the EN 13501-1 standard, this means it is very difficult to ignite.

Vekaplan S
Vekaplan S has a B2 fire rating under the DIN 4102 German classification, and is rated . EN 13501-1 Class C, s3, D0 “low flammability

Chemical Resistance

FoamaLite sheets are chemically resistant to salt solutions, acid solutions (a wide range), alkali solutions (a wide range),and  alcohols, petrol’s, oils, fats (a wide range).


Foam PVC can easily be drilled with the application of a twist drill.


A range of our stocked Bostik glues can be used in conjunction with foam PVC. Evo-stik 613 and 3019 are but just two examples. Face, lap and butt joints can all be achieved with careful application.



Standard screen printing will produce first-rate results in conjunction with FoamaLite foam PVC.

Suitable for digital printing FoamaLite foam PVC can accommodate UV and solvent based inks. It is advisable to keep the surface clean from human contact and dust in order to allow for a smooth print.

FoamaLite sheets can even be painted on. The sheet surface requires a primer coat first and for any static or dust to be removed, before printing can begin. Tools such as spray guns or brushes can be used in common application. It is wise to avoid solvent based paints though, as there are compatibility issues.

Palight 2001
Palight 2001 is suited for both screen/digital printing and vinyl laminating.

Vekaplan S
Vekaplan S is suitable for both screen printing and painting.

Fixing/Wall Mounting

FoamaLite andPalight 2001
Stand offs can be used with foam PVC once holes have been drilled in the material. Hanging hooks can also be fitted for signage display needs.

Line Bending/Folding

The thermoforming properties of FoamaLite foam PVC, make it ideal for line bending and folding. Plinths, stands and exhibitions units can be achieved through this process.

Sheet Maintenance

To avoid scratches to the sheet, one side of the material is usually covered in a ‘PE’ film.  When peeling ‘PE’ off of  FoamaLite it is essential to pull it off in one go. Although low tack the ‘PE’ film can create static and sometimes cause problems with printing when not removed correctly. Anti-static spray can be applied to solve this problem.


Vekaplan S: The moisture and swell resistant properties of Vekaplan S makes it highly suited for situations where  hygiene is important.

Useful Information

Thermal Expansion

Foam PVC will expand when exposed to heat, so this should be taken into account especially for exterior applications where sunlight is a factor. It may buckle when exposed to direct sunlight due to the increase in surface temperature. Therefore lighter colours are best for exterior use.

Foamalite color is not suitable for long term external exposure, as the UV rays will affect the colour. White sheets are resistant to sun exposure for 3 to 4 years.

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