Graphic Display Board

Concord display board

Our premier quality double coated display board, it is made from 100% virgin fibres.

Concord is available in a variety of calipers and is typically used for point of sale advertising, display and banners.  Ideal for silk screen and UV digital printing.  Board up to 1200 micron in caliper is also suitable for printing by both UV and conventional offset litho.

Very stable during print and conversion and is also suitable for standard print finishing e.g. cutting and creasing.  It is recommended that other forms of print finishing are trialled prior to full production commitments.

Special makings are available, please contact your local sales office with specific requests.


  • Technical Specifications

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    DBDGO-0750-1510-2050 CONCORD DISPLAY BOARD 0750 MICRON 1510MM X 2050MM *FSC* 1510 2050

    DBDGO-1000-1250-1850 CONCORD DISPLAY BOARD 1000 MICRON 1250MM X 1850MM *FSC* 1250 1850
    DBDGO-1000-1510-2050 CONCORD DISPLAY BOARD 1000 MICRON 1510MM X 2050MM *FSC* 1510 2050
  • 1250 MICRON

    DBDGO-1250-1040-1285 CONCORD DISPLAY BOARD 1250 MICRON 1040MM X 1285MM *FSC* 1040 1285
    DBDGO-1250-1040-1600 CONCORD DISPLAY BOARD 1250 MICRON 1040MM X 1600MM *FSC* 1040 1600
    DBDGO-1250-1250-1850 CONCORD DISPLAY BOARD 1250 MICRON 1250MM X 1850MM *FSC* 1250 1850
    DBDGO-1250-1600-2200 CONCORD DISPLAY BOARD 1250 MICRON 1600MM X 2200MM *FSC* 1600 2200
    DBDGO-1250-1600-2400 CONCORD DISPLAY BOARD 1250 MICRON 1600MM X 2400MM *FSC* 1600 2400
  • 1900 MICRON

    DBDGO-2000-1040-1600 CONCORD DISPLAY BOARD 1900 MICRON 1040MM X 1600MM *FSC* 1040 1600
    DBDGO-2000-1250-1850 CONCORD DISPLAY BOARD 1900 MICRON 1250MM X 1850MM *FSC* 1250 1850
    DBDGO-2000-1280-2550 CONCORD DISPLAY BOARD 1900 MICRON 1280MM X 2550MM *FSC* 1280 2550
    DBDGO-2000-1600-2100 CONCORD DISPLAY BOARD 1900 MICRON 1600MM X 2100MM *FSC* 1600 2100
    DBDGO-2000-1600-2440 CONCORD DISPLAY BOARD 1900 MICRON 1600MM X 2440MM *FSC* 1600 2440
    DBDGO-2000-1600-3150 CONCORD DISPLAY BOARD 1900 MICRON 1600MM X 3150MM *FSC* 1600 3150

why use this product?

Product details

Our Viscom Easyprint is a branded Stadur product available in both a black and white finish. The material has a rigid polypropylene skin and a light polystyrene core. As a result it offers exceptional stability. Its smooth surface also makes it ideal for printing direct to. The black finish additionally can be bought with the core in either the same colour or in white. Unlike our other graphic display boards Viscom can be bought by the sheet.  Airplac is a luxury graphic display board with a 300gsm paper/card liner, perfect for printing direct and laminating. At NE Plastics we sell both Visual and Premier Airplac. We also supply thin card display board in a 1.75mm and 2mm thickness. An extremely light weight board perfect for hanging as temporary indoor signage. Airplac and display board are sold by the box. Quantity per box varies depending on product and sheet size.


Graphic display boards are suitable for a range of applications: POS/POP; display; exhibition and conferences; event marketing; signage; modelling application. The main selling point is its light weight build, making it ideal for hanging and where heavier sheets could prove cumbersome. Although made of different composites, the graphic display boards sold at NE Plastics are relativity easy to cut through (Viscom slightly more difficult than that of Airplac).



  • Light weight
  • Rigid
  • Ease of handling
  • Ability to be v-grooved for display purposes
  • Scratch resistance
  • Weather resistant


  • Easily cut by manual process



Viscom Unlike most graphic display boards, Viscom is suitable for both inside and outside application. Up to two years of outdoor display life is available (moisture-resistant properties) and the polypropylene skin is UV resistant. However if the polystyrene core is left open to the elements, it is liable to yellowing if not protected by profiles or bands.


  • Sharp cutting knife (both Airplac and Insite Reveal can be easily cut with a simple blade)
  • Jigsaw
  • Wall & Beam saw
  • CNC


Viscom A CNC router can be used to v-groove panels, mill slots or cut designs from Viscom. POS plinths and 3D objects can be fabricated into shape through this process. Viscom becomes effortlessly foldable (by hand) after milling and can be supplied flat to put together on site if needed. This makes transportation easier.


Viscom A hot melt gun can be used to adhere v-grooved folds (exposed edges) of Viscom together. This is particularly useful for fabricating the material into POS stands, plinths and display objects.


Viscom Suitable for digital and screen printing. Airplac Suitable for digital flatbed printing, acceptable printing methods include screen printing and flexography. A wide range of UV curing inks can be used in the printing process. Expo is especially designed for large format mounting.

Useful information


Due to the composite build of Airplac and Insite Reveal a fire rating is not applicable. Viscom however has an E classification according to the DIN EN 13501-1 European standard. It is advisable to avoid contact with a naked flame.  

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