Hygienic Solid PVC

why use this product?


With multi-purpose application solid PVC is suitable for a number of differing scenarios including, partitions, roofing, signage, POS and display, bathroom and kitchen cladding.


  • Moisture resistant (inbuilt hygienic properties)
  • Multifunctional application
  • Strong & rigid
  • Heat bending
  • VEKA KT up to 88% light transmission



Suitable cutting equipment for hygienic solid PVC includes:

  • Circular hand saw
  • Circular bench saw
  • Band saw
  • CNC


The anti-microbial composition of solid PVC, makes it perfect for reducing the spread of bacteria. It is usually found in application where hygiene proves to be an issue, such as hospitals, bathrooms and kitchens.


Vekaplan has both UV-stable and weather resistant qualities, which allow for outside display and cladding. White Vekaplan PVC has colour stability regardless of situational application.


Although not stocked in-house NE Plastics can source fixings suitable for joining solid PVC together. To achieve watertight cladding partitions, fixings for corners, top and bottom edges and length joints should be considered. These should be used in tandem with the appropriate sealants and glues to achieve the best results.

Screw and rivet fixings can also be used with solid PVC but vary with indoor and outdoor application. Expansion of the sheet is likely to occur when exposed to the elements, fixation at the end of sheet will therefore limit its flexibility, this could cause cracking or bowing.


Our Vekaplan K has a B1 fire rating according to DIN 4102 (German) standard, in 1mm and 2mm thick. Thicker grades from 3mm – 10mm and also our Vekaplan KT are class B2.

Chemical Resistance

General disinfectants, acids and alkalis are fine to come in contact with solid PVC.


You can drill solid PVC using a twist drill with a plastic grinder.


A wide range of our Bostik glues have excellent adhesives properties with solid PVC: Evo-Stik 613; Evo-Stik 3019; Evo-StikGunnable Adhesive; Bostik 7452; Simpson ISR 70-03 & Prep M. Most types of joint design are achievable with their application.


Flatbed printers can digital print directly onto our Vekaplan solid PVC. The product is suitable for screen printing and painting utilising PVC suitable inks and two component-polyurethane paints respectively. Lamination is also possible for both sides of the material.


Due to the thermoplastic properties inherent in solid PVC bending is achievable, through heat forming.

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