Plastic Mirror

With the aid of our CNC router and laser, all of our mirror substrates can all be fabricated into intricate shapes and designs.

Where normal mirror is unsuitable or impractical, acrylic, HIPS, polycarbonate or ACP (aluminium composite) can be supplied with a reflective surface. Suitable for a range of budgets and needs, each material offers different strengths in both application and inherent attributes.

Mirror Acrylic

Mirror acrylic is often the solution for thicker grade mirror (that doesn’t require a high impact resistance). A primer backing is coated to acrylic to produce the mirrored surface. Acrylic mirror is a cheaper alternative to that of polycarbonateand is available in a silver finish and various colours including gold, grey, green, amber, blue, bronze, red and purple.

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Mirror HIPS

For temporary indoor or outdoor application, where high impact resistance is crucial, mirror HIPS is the answer. Mirror HIPS is the lightest mirror substrate available and has excellent flexibility, as a result it has a wider application than that of the rigid materials.

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Mirror Polycarbonate

For security purposes, hospital installations or child care, mirror polycarbonate provides an ideal solution to normal mirror. Only half the weight of glass and aided by its UK class 1 fire rating, polycarbonate is the go to material for problematic installations. Mirror polycarbonate is sold in a standard silver finish.

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Mirror Aluminum Composite

Like mirror polycarbonate, ACP mirror has a class 1 fire rating and shatter resistant properties. Unlike polycarbonate though ACP can be fabricated and have v-groove introduced for folding. Mirror aluminium composite is available in both a silver and gold finish.

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