Perspex Cast Acrylic

At NE Plastics we supply Perspex branded cast acrylic, options available include, Transparent Colours and Tints, Opals, Solid and Translucent Colours, Vario, Spectrum LED, Pearlescent, Fluorescent and Specials. Perspex has been a leading plastic brand for over 80 years and offer quality assurance where other brands might fail.

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Perspex is predominately used in the application of signage and point of sale. It is also commonly used in more home based applications such as kitchen splashbacks, bathroom wall cladding and window repair/temporary fixings. Acrylic can be both CNC router & laser cut to produce bespoke projects such as cut letters for display, wall placards and point of sale displays.


  • Strong and  rigid
  • Thermoforming properties
  • Can be polished (for crystal clear clarity)
  • Can be used in conjunction with CNC router & laser machining
  • Replacement for glass
  • Manufactured in the UK



Perspex offers up to 10 years of outdoor exposure and UV stabilisation.

Light transmission

For fitting an open space like a window or covering the side of a fish tank, Perspex is the material of choice. The crystal clear clarity of the standard finish is an ideal replacement for glass, with up to 92% light transmission available. The opal range comes in a variety of lowering light transmission, stopping at 069 which is considered by the industry as a solid white – cast opal 050 being the standard grade for light boxes with approximately 41% available light transmission.


Jig saws, Band saws, and Fret saws
Wall Saw & Beam Saw
CNC Router – Odd shapes and intricate designs are achievable. Bevelling, chamfering and drilling can also be achieved using this machinery
Laser – Lasers can cut acrylic to shape and will also polish the side of the material at the same time


Perspex cast acrylic falls under ‘Class 3’ fire classification, under the UK ‘BS 476 Part 7’ standard.

Chemical resistance

Perspex is well equipped for dealing with everyday dilute acids, alkalis, water and aqueous inorganic salts.


Gluing Perspex acrylic is a must for more complicated bespoke fabricated articles like, display cases, lecterns and display units. Adhesives suitable for Perspex acrylic include, Tensol 70, Tensol 12, Evo-Stik, Extrufix, and UV bonding.


For an expert finish on any and all Perspex, polishing is a must. Perspex acrylic can be flamed, diamond or buffed in order to produce smooth edges and a clear finish (solid colours do not usually require this process). Polishing the edges of cast clear will produce a crystal like clarity, ideal for indoor and outdoor POS.


Cast acrylic is suitable for a range of digital printing needs: solvent; latex; aqueous; UV; screen.

Fixing/Wall Mounting

Stand offs can be used to mount acrylic panels to a facia when holes are drilled. The diameter and length of the stand-off is determined by the size of the panel. Fret cut letters in acrylic, can have locators attached with adhesive for display purposes. Like stand offs, locator size is similarly decided based on the letter dimensions.

Useful Information


Splitting is often a risk factor when drilling acrylic. It is recommended to grind the drill bit (twist drill) to a zero rake in order to prevent this from happening. Start by drilling a pilot hole for positioning, then make sure a back stop is in place to prevent the panel from moving. Remove swarf as produced, to aid the drilling process.


Perspex can be difficult to cut and drill. A common issue can be the material melting and resealing itself after machining incorrectly. Chipping, grazing or splitting the material are other common occurrences. The right tooling is therefore required.

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