Perspex Extruded Acrylic

Acrylic is often perceived to be just one material but there are in fact two variations available, cast and extruded.

The main difference is how they are manufactured. Extruded acrylic is manufactured by pushing acrylic through an extruder and die to shape it, whereupon it is cooled through rollers to produce a rigid sheet. To manufacture cast acrylic, the liquid material is set between two glass plates, it is then submerged under warm water in order for it to set.
Although they have inherently similar characteristics, not all of the properties for extruded and cast acrylic are the same.

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Why Extruded?

  • Cast acrylic sheets are more likely to vary on thickness tolerance than extruded due to the processing method. This makes extruded perfect for printing direct to and where tolerance variations would prove an issue.
  • Extruded is usually a cheaper alternative to that of cast.
  • Extruded sheets often have an extra 20mm allocated to the width (3050×2050 as opposed to 3050×2030 on cast), allowing for a greater panel yield.

Why Cast?

  • Extruded acrylic has a higher rate of inclusions per m2 (black specs), as carbon build-up breaks off from the extruder during its forming process.
  • The chemical resistance of cast is greater than extruded, when exposed to the same solvents.
  • Cast acrylic holds a class 3 fire rating  whereas extruded is a class 4.
  • Extruded has a lower melting threshold, making it less suitable for CNC routing, bending and polishing.


  • POS & POP
  • Signage
  • Replacement for glass



  • Jig saws, Band saws, and Fret saws
  • Wall Saw & Beam Saw
  • CNC Router
  • Laser

Light Transmission

Clear extruded acrylic can transmit up to 92% light.


Extruded acrylic has a class 4 fire rating under the BS 476 Part 7 standard.


There are fewer chances of head crashes as extruded acrylic has a better thickness tolerance than cast acrylic. This makes extruded acrylic perfect for large format digital printing.


‘Evo-Stik Extru-Fix’ has the best adhesive properties with extruded out of our Bostik glues. Both butt and lap joints can be achieved using it.

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