Subject Access Request


Subject Access Request


You can use this form to ask to see a copy of personal data that we hold about you, in line with the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), Chapter 3, Article 15 (Recitals 63 & 64).


You should fill in all sections of the form that apply to you.


Section 1: Details of the person this request is about (the ‘Subject’)


Please tell us the details below so that we can check for the information we may hold:


First Name
Contact Number (day)
Email Address
Home Address

(inc. postcode)




Getting as much information as possible helps us find the information you want. If you have been known by a different name or have lived at a different address during the time span of your enquiry, please give details below:




From (date):


To (date):

Address (inc. postcode)






Section 1b- this section should only be completed if you currently work or have previously worked for PPB or related organisations that have now been replaced by PPB and you are requesting copies of information from your employment records.


Name(s) of organisation: From (date): To (date):



Name(s) of organisation: From (date): To (date):




Section 2: Proof of Identity

Please do not send any original documents. You can send printed copies or electronic copies.

We need to see:

  1. One document confirming your name. Either full driving licence, passport, birth certificate OR marriage certificate. AND
  2. One document confirming your address. Either utility bill, bank statement, credit card statement OR benefit or pension book


We may get in touch with you for further information. Please tell us which copies of documents you are providing:

1.       Confirmation of Name
2.       Confirmation of Address


Section 3: Helping us to find the information

Please use the space below to provide further details that may help to locate your information. If you are looking for information to answer a specific question, please tell us about it here.   Please supply as much detail as possible such as:

  • for employment records – names of individuals who you believe may hold your personal data
  • any other details you think may be helpful.


If you have a personnel query, there might be a lot of information on you, and a guide to the date range we should search in can be helpful.


Section 4: where you would like the copies of your information to be sent


We can send copies of the information we hold about you by post or electronically.

If we send information electronically by email, any documents will be password protected.


If you would like to get your information by post, please note this will be returned by normal post and we cannot guarantee its security. Please select one option:


☐            I would like my information posted to my home address given in Section 1.

☐            I would like my information sent to my email address given in Section 1.


Section 5: Declaration

I confirm that the information that I have supplied in this application is correct, and I am the person to whom it relates, and have enclosed the relevant proof of identity as detailed in Section 2.


Data Subject:


Signature:                                                                                                          Date:                                                   


Print Name:                                                                                       


Sending us your request

You can email your completed form and electronic copies of your identification documents to:


Or download the form, fill it in and post it with paper copies of your identification documents to:

Data Protection Co-Ordinator, PPB Ltd, 30 Knowsthorpe Gate, Leeds, LS9 0NP